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Three Part Outline For Businesses To Begin To Protect Their Intellectual Property

This morning on anchor.fm Chris Werner talked with entrepreneurs and business owners and provided a three part outline for businesses to use to begin to protect their intellectual property. What Is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property is generally defined as anything that is produced by the human mind. There are four traditional types of intellectual property: 1) patents, such as you might have on a unique device or invention; 2) copyrights, such...

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Three Strategies To Help Businesses Minimize Litigation Risk

This morning on anchor.fm, Chris Werner talked about a question he is often asked by small and medium sized business clients, "how do I make sure my business doesn't get sued?" As Chris explained, the quick answer is that there is no way to guarantee that your business won't get sued. If you are in business long enough, and if you are successful enough, there is a good chance that your business...

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The New Overtime Rules Can Be Good For Your Business

This afternoon on anchor.fm, Chris Werner discusses some ways that the new overtime rules can actually be a good thing for businesses and business owners. Check out his comments and let us know if you have questions. Contact our office if you have specific questions about your business. https://anchor.fm/w/A0E1FB Standard Disclaimer: Vidar provides posts in this blog as general information. This is not meant to be specific advice and your...

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