“To create change you find leverage points and move them.” - Frank Herbert

Vidar’s technology team focuses on practical business applications of and solutions to today’s technology issues. From digital security and privacy to emerging technologies, our attorneys have the experience to help both technology startups and large companies solve their technology issues.

In today’s business environment, it is more important than ever for companies to fully understand technology and their legal responsibilities. Some of the biggest litigation verdicts in recent years  have come as a result of businesses that did not fully understand their technology or did not properly protect information. The Vidar team can help your business avoid these costly mistakes and allow you to use technology with confidence to make your company more profitable.

The Vidar technology team has advised clients with respect to the following technology issues:

  • Digital Privacy Issues: Vidar advises clients regarding best practices with respect to digital privacy issues. We also assist in developing and drafting company privacy policies.
  • Cyber Security Issues: These days, data breaches can lead to huge liabilities for companies. Vidar advises clients on best practices with respect to data security and helps them develop appropriate policies to minimize risk.
  • Web Site Terms of Service: Many businesses rely on their web site as a source of revenue. Vidar helps clients develop terms of service that protect the company.
  • Web Site and App User Agreements: It is critical for companies to have appropriate user agreements. The Vidar technology team can help.
  • Privacy Policies: Some of the biggest litigation verdicts are the result of inadequate privacy policies. Vidar can help your company design an appropriate plan and minimize risk.
  • Online Contest Rules: Contests can be a great resource to grow your business. Unfortunately, each online platform and each state has different rules for contests. Vidar attorneys are well versed in those rules and law and can make sure your contest is on the right side of the law.
  • Crowd Funding Campaigns: Vidar attorneys advise clients on their crowd funding campaigns and assist with best practices.
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Issues: Vidar advises clients with respect to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies.