Fee Structure

Businesses cannot be successful if they don’t fully understand their expenses. Legal fees are a necessary component of any business, but unlike other law firms, Vidar believes those fees should be transparent.

With each matter, we discuss fees in advance and structure fees to fit your business needs. Vidar is a leader in alternative fee arrangements. In addition to very competitive hourly rates, we also offer structured litigation fees, blended hourly and structured fees, performance-based fees, contingent fees, and flat fees.

Additionally, for general business needs, Vidar offers part-time general counsel services. This option is custom designed for your business. We will provide a flat monthly fee to act as your in-house attorney. This allows you to have as much access to legal advise as you need without worrying about incurring hourly charges for every telephone call and without needing to put a full-time general counsel on your company’s payroll.

Concerns about fees should never keep you from hiring a top quality attorney for your business. Call us and let us help design a program that is right for your business.