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Three Part Outline For Businesses To Begin To Protect Their Intellectual Property

This morning on anchor.fm Chris Werner talked with entrepreneurs and business owners and provided a three part outline for businesses to use to begin to protect their intellectual property. What Is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property is generally defined as anything that is produced by the human mind. There are four traditional types of intellectual property: 1) patents, such as you might have on a unique device or invention; 2) copyrights, such...

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Contract Calamity 2 in a 3-Part Series On Common Business Mishaps Involving Contracts And Agreements

Standard Disclaimer: Vidar provides posts in this blog as general information. This is not meant to be specific advice and your business should always talk directly with a lawyer about your individual business needs. Note: This is the second of three parts about common mistakes businesses make with contracts and agreements. In the first part of this series, we discussed of the dangers of businesses avoiding contracts altogether. Today we are going...

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