Environmental Litigation

Vidar attorneys represented a manufacturing company in a multimillion-dollar class action alleging TCE/PCE pollution of a water supply.


The case centered on an industrial park where dozens of manufacturing companies operated over several decades. Most of those companies were named as defendants in the case. Our attorneys needed to understand the historical operations of each of the companies.

Additionally, in order to trace the alleged contamination, we needed to develop a sophisticated understanding of the local groundwater system, the surface water system, and the local municipal water treatment facilities. This required assembling a team of experts to work with our legal team.

The alleged contamination occurred decades before the case was filed. This required us to track down documents and witnesses from dozens of companies, some of which were no longer in business at the time of the case.

The large number of companies involved meant that we needed to manage and review a very large volume of documents and interview hundreds of witnesses.


The case concluded with a favorable settlement after reviewing millions of pages of documents and deposing hundreds of witnesses.