Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation

Vidar attorneys represented a healthcare company in a $7.5 million fraudulent conveyance claim. The other side claimed that our client had misrepresented certain valuation prior to a company acquisition. The claim was raised during a bankruptcy proceeding and was presented before the bankruptcy court in New York.


The major challenge in this case was attempting to determine the value of a company at a certain time in the past without factoring in subsequent events.

Our attorneys needed to fully understand the valuation issues and needed to identify the correct financial experts who could also understand the issues and explain the issues to the court.

Our attorneys also needed to be able to identify specific problems with the valuation calculations on the other side.


Meticulous examination and analysis of the financial information revealed key information supporting our position.

Our attorney’s deposition of the other side’s financial expert proved crucial during the case.

Following a two-week trial, but before judgment, our attorneys assisted our client in reaching a very favorable settlement.